Susan Rosefielde

Artist                                                 Fine Arts Appraiser


I am a focused and multitalented Arts professional, who has created a life of art that is deeply satisfying and stimulating. Always curious and eager to learn, I have enjoyed a career with varying aspects, including painting, teaching, studying, research and writing, arranging exhibitions and running community arts programs.

I passionately believe that Art improves the quality of one’s life. It gives order and meaning in an otherwise random and chaotic universe. It imparts transcendence to daily existence, and encourages an internal dialogue of ideas and feelings. It serves to integrate and enrich one’s inner traits and the outer world. In a word, it allows one to think, reflect and act.

I paint in a spontaneous expressionistic style, capturing the essence and intensity of a scene with strong, contrasting colors and swirling rhythms. I often overlay expressive line work in black ink after the loose flowing colors are established. Sometimes I work in a quieter manner where strong design creates harmonious shapes and tranquil compositions. My non-traditional handling of watercolors creates an exciting tension, contrasting very light transparent areas with intense opaqueness. I use Arches 140 lb paper and Winsor Newton professional paints. While painting out of doors is inspiring, and captures a unique freshness of spirit, studio work allows me to extend the process and experiment with effects. Watercolor paints are chemical emulsions and each has its own physical properties. It is always a treat to see some colors mix and dry with unusual granulated effects.